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SDI/TDI France

SDI/TDI France

Our office service French and French-speaking members from France, Suisse Romande, Andorra, Monaco, Guyana,
Maghreb members and French Islands members from Polynesia, New Caledonia, Reunion Island, etc.
– We provide C-Card shipping services
– CMAS relationship

Regional Managers and Representatives

Primary Contact

Didier Lefevre

Phone: 303 500 6869
Email: didier.lefevre@tdisdi.com

Secondary Contact

Christophe Duhr

Phone: 33609257284
Email: Christophe.Duhr@tdisdi.com

Secondary Contact

Benoit Chandanson

Phone: 33 664 438 658
Email: benoit.chandanson@tdisdi.com

Internal Contact

Alan Cale

Phone: 888-778-9073
Email: alan.cale@tdisdi.com