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SDI/TDI UK, Ireland, and Northern Ireland

The UK is famous for its many and varied wrecks from the naval wrecks of Scapa Flow in the North to the historic wrecks of the Scilly Isles in the South.  The English Channel is also a graveyard of many wrecks from two World Wars.  The Western coastline of Ireland offers spectacular Atlantic diving.  –  Blend this with the hospitality of the Irish and you can’t go wrong.  If challenging cave diving is what you are looking for then we also have specialist caves just for you.  Whilst the UK does not offer warm water diving, there is something for everyone and some truly logbook-worthy dives!

Regional Managers and Representatives

Primary Contact

David Millin

Phone: +44 (0) 1803 663012

Secondary Contact

James Hall

Phone: 07514851949

Secondary Contact

Jayne Slocombe

Phone: 01803663012

Internal Contact

Alan Cale

Phone: 888-778-9073