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Current Regions Served

US Northeast · US Southeast · US South Florida · US Midwest · US South Central & US Mountain · US North West · US South West & US Hawaii · CANADA East & West · Mexico · Caribbean Islands North · Caribbean Islands South


The Regional Office for the Americas is also home to the Worldwide Headquarters. In addition to supporting our 26 offices around the world, this office is directly responsible for customer support for any countries located in North America, Central America, and South America.

Feel free to contact us via the phone during our office hours or send us an email at your convenience, whichever one you prefer. We will be happy to help and assist you in any way possible.


Primary: +1 207-729-4201
Toll Free: 888-778-9073


09:00 – 18:00 – Monday-Thursday
09:00 – 17:00 – Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Regional Managers and Representatives

Internal HQ Contact

Internal Contact

Jesse Iacono

Phone: 888-778-9073
Email: jesse.iacono@tdisdi.com

US Northeast

Primary Contact

Joseph Stellini

Phone: 734 341-5945
Email: joe.stellini@tdisdi.com

US Southeast

Primary Contact

Joey Brown

Phone: (678) 773-2820
Email: joey@aquatic-sales.com

Secondary Contact

Ed Moggio

Phone: 423-400-1009
Email: ed.moggio@tdisdi.com

Secondary Contact

Dillon Waters

Phone: 561-262-0447
Email: dillon.waters@tdisdi.com

US South Florida

Primary Contact

Scott Evans

Phone: 904 472 1441
Email: scott.evans@tdisdi.com

US Midwest

Primary Contact

Shawn Harrison

Phone: 630-569-1626
Email: shawn.harrison@tdisdi.com

US South Central & US Mountain

Primary Contact

Darrin Davis

Phone: 229-237-5322
Email: darrin.davis@tdisdi.com

US North West

Primary Contact

Christopher Lucier

Phone: 206-480-6740
Email: Chris.Lucier@tdisdi.com

US South West & US Hawaii

Primary Contact

David Jensen

Phone: 3106869914
Email: david.jensen@tdisdi.com

CANADA East & West

Primary Contact

Mike Ehly

Phone: 604-868-5787
Email: mike.ehly@tdisdi.com


Primary Contact

Alejandra Iñiguez

Phone: 9841472977
Email: alejandra.iniguez@tdisdi.com

Caribbean Islands North

Internal Contact

Jesse Iacono

Phone: 888-778-9073
Email: jesse.iacono@tdisdi.com

Caribbean Islands South

Primary Contact

Astrid de Jager

Phone: +599-786-2681
Email: astrid.dejager@tdisdi.com