At International Training you are so much more than a member number to us. Our company’s mission has always been to treat our members and co-workers like family, which has made us the best customer service provider in the industry. You, our divers and members, are the foundation of this industry. Without you, there would be no us.

A Message from Brian and Steph:

Dear Membership,

On behalf of all of us at International Training, thank you.

The resilience we continue to see from this industry throughout the Covid-19 pandemic is inspiring – globally. I am beyond proud to be included among this group of professionals. We discovered that we could make things happen despite the obstacles and despite the roadblocks. We learned so much in 2020 about our industry, the people we do business with, and ourselves, and we applied that knowledge to make 2021 a better year despite the setbacks.

As an agency, we prioritized listening to you, the dive professionals. You have become leaders, telling your agencies and manufacturers what your needs are, how can you stay open, maintain staff, enjoy travel, and promote diving. We hear you!

Therefore, we are offering the renewal stimulus package from 2021 again in 2022 by inviting you to choose three complementary eLearning codes to sell to students or further your own education. The feedback we received throughout the year was tremendous and the support from the membership showed us that we must continue to offer programs and stimulus packages that work for you. We hope this effort makes a difference heading into the new year. Our business is to keep business going.

2020 wasn’t easy, and 2021 wasn’t much better for some, but we stuck together, and we will continue to do so in 2022. Thank you for choosing to be part of the International Training family.

Be sure to take advantage of our stimulus deal by renewing online.

  1. Log into your profile and choose the appropriate membership level from the “Select Profile Level” dropdown menu.
  2. Select “RENEW MEMBERSHIP” from the blue sidebar on the left side of your screen.  If using a mobile device or small screen, click on the icon with three horizontal lines next to the agency logos to access this sidebar.
  3. Follow each step:
    1. Read and accept the Membership or Facility Agreement.
    2. Verify renewal and profile information.
    3. Select renewal specials (optional).
    4. Verify billing information and click “SUBMIT RENEWAL”.

Please note: Professional members and facilities in some regions located outside of the Americas must contact their regional office to renew their membership.