At International Training you are so much more than a member number to us. Our company’s mission has always been to treat our members and co-workers like family, which has made us the best customer service provider in the industry. You, our divers and members, are the foundation of this industry. Without you, there would be no us.

A Message from Brian Carney:

We are  looking forward to an amazing 2023!  Thank you for joining us this past year as a professional member with International Training and renewing for 2023.

The growth we have experienced as an organization over this past year is in large part because of you.  Thank you for trusting us with your business when it comes to dive training. We aim to set a high bar in industry training standards and offer you the support you deserve as a dive professional, and we hope we have achieved this goal in 2022.

There is another reason for our success, and we don’t mention it often. While our members play an instrumental role in contributing to our growth not only in business, but as a global brand, our staff has been nothing short of amazing. From our regional offices and representatives to our team here at home in our Florida headquarters, our staff continues to provide the best customer support in the industry, even when times are tough. As President and CEO of International Training, I am looking forward to seeing what this amazing team can do for you and for the industry in 2023.

We feel stronger than ever in our stability as a brand, an organization, and an institution; and we promise to keep listening, keep innovating, and keep acting to support our membership. The feedback we received throughout the year has been valued and we strive to meet all of your needs.  We hope this effort makes a difference as you are heading into the new year.

Stay safe and thank you for your business.

Take advantage of the convenience of renewing online and remain in active status by renewing by January 15th.

  1. Log into your profile and choose the appropriate membership level from the “Select Profile Level” dropdown menu.
  2. Select “RENEW MEMBERSHIP” from the blue sidebar on the left side of your screen.  If using a mobile device or small screen, click on the icon with three horizontal lines next to the agency logos to access this sidebar.
  3. Follow each step:
    1. Read and accept the Membership or Facility Agreement.
    2. Verify renewal and profile information.
    3. Verify billing information and click “SUBMIT RENEWAL”.

Please note: Professional members and facilities in some regions located outside of the Americas must contact their regional office to renew their membership.