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Save by Bundling

Introducing New Ways to Save!

The SDI family of brands is pleased to announce discounted bundling options in select regions, aimed at enhancing accessibility as well as benefiting from additional savings for our diving community.

With our commitment to cost efficiency, increasing profitability for our members, and growing our sport in mind, we’re offering exclusive discounts when you bundle eligible eLearning courses with registration credits through our manage eLearning feature on our website

The registration credit can be used independently of the bundled eLearning code, providing flexibility and maximizing savings.

The registration credit is not attached to the student at any given moment until the certification process is complete and the registration code has been claimed.

This feature is designed to benefit our members immediately, ensuring a seamless diving experience during the student registration process with enhanced affordability.

For instructions on how to take advantage of this offer,
watch our step-by-step tutorial video here.