Lost or Forgotten C-Card... Here's the Scoop

Oh no... It's the night before your next dive and you can't find your c-card or even worse... You arrived at the dive site or dive boat and you can't find your c-card for check-in. First things first, don't panic! We have a solution. Don't cancel your dive. Read this article to learn more about how our digital c-cards can save the day.

Headaches and SCUBA Diving

Diving headaches have spoiled many dive trips. As there are different causes associated with headaches and diving, it can be as simple as a mask squeeze, an excessive constriction around the neck by thermal protection, a dental issue, cold water around an inadequately insulated head, or saltwater aspiration.

SDI vs TDI Nitrox: Which One and Why

We are often asked why we have two nitrox programs, one under SDI and one under TDI, and why should someone choose to teach one course over the other…. or even consider both?