Scubility: Because Scuba Diving is for Everyone

Are you thinking about Scubility? The great thing about this particular program is that it encourages everyone to dive no matter their physical challenges. A few of our headquarters staff recently went through a Scubility instructor course and now they’re sharing their experience of the course.
logbook tips

Just the Tips: Logbook Advice for New Divers

New to diving or not everyone should log their dives. It helps you keep track of where you've been, proves your experience and tracks gear adjustments over time. We're sharing five tips to help you make your logbook better than it's ever been.

The Waters That Connect Us

How has scuba diving changed your life? Where has it lead you? What have you learned along the way? Buster Waters connects the dots through life with scuba diving, from founding the HEAT program to proposing to his wife.

Write for the SDI TDI ERDI PFI Blog

Surely this isn't the first blog post you've ever read or even seen from us and you might have wondered in the past how and where we get our articles. Now we're spilling the beans and accepting new authors for our blogs and newsletters.

Scuba Poker: A Navigational Training Exercise

Ready for another scuba game sure to keep your students engaged in their dive? This game incorporates navigation skills, buddy teamwork and manipulation of objects while diving. Not an instructor? No worries, grab your favorite dive buddies and play this game on your next dive.

Diving with Your Camera: What to Consider When Buying a Camera Housing

Are you thinking of leveling up your underwater photography game? Then it’s time to buy your first underwater camera housing. We’re walking you through what to think about when it comes time for you to buy your first underwater camera housing.

Are You Ready for Your Next Diver Course?

Do you think you’re ready for your next course? Have you taken the time to really think that through while comparing the new skills you’ll learn the skills you should already know? We’re guiding you through physical readiness and mental readiness to help you better determine if you’re truly ready for that next course.

Five Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle to Become a Safer, More Fit Diver

While we’re all striving to be in better health, divers especially should strive for this. Diving might seem like a relatively effortless sport while beneath the surface but the truth is if conditions change or there is an emergency situation. Being in good physical health will help keep you safe should things change or go badly.

Getting Bored with Scuba Diving? Make It Exciting Again

Diving was cool at first and it may sound crazy to some, but you’re bored. It happens to the best of us and fear not we have some solutions for you! Try these three things to make scuba diving more lively again.

Scuba Diving: It’s Not Just for Vacation

Forget the bucket list, check out some compelling reasons to keep diving, even when not at the resort. Here's a whole lists of benefits to being underwater, except the obvious ones.

Skill-Building Scuba Games

Do you like to play games? Do you like to scuba dive? What if you could combine the two to improve your scuba skills, be it on your own or as an instructor with your students? Either way, you’re going to want to check these out.

What's Your Vacation Time Worth?

Trying to figure out when, how or if you could get scuba certified? Planning a trip to a tropical destination and want to go diving? No problem! We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of taking your course before you go or doing it while on vacation.As well as helping you decide if you should take an Open Water Course or a Discovery Scuba Course.