Stay Ready to Dive by Keeping a Fin in the Water

A refresher course and continuing education will keep you ready to dive!

We all do it and we are all guilty of it….we get busy, sometimes we’re actually busy and sometimes it’s all just in our minds. But there is something else we all share…we are never too busy to go DIVING!

This is where the potential problem lies; we have all heard the discussions of qualified versus certified. For example, I maybe be a certified diver but not qualified for cave diving…get the idea?

Well this time of year many of us get ready to make our trek back to the water’s edge and in doing so we need to remind ourselves that we have to get our qualifications back up to speed! If you have stayed active and maintained your “diving rhythm” you are to be congratulated and a bit envied. Now for the rest of us, there are considerations to undertake…

As we approach the diving season, not only should your equipment be ready, but so should you! If you have found yourself in an extended period of diving inactivity, a refresher course may be called for. During the refresher course you will review the basics of equipment and important skills that will improve your comfort in the water. You can easily arrange a refresher course with an SDI™ Instructor; to find one near you simply visit

For just a short absence from diving, an SDI™ specialty course may be the perfect way for you to get back to diving. The specialty programs are also conducted by SDI™ Instructors and the same link above can be used to plan your course. The specialty will often incorporate the review of skills as well as acquiring new ones, all along improving your comfort in the water.

Specialties also open up possibilities of different dives and travel areas; particularly, you will find that many centers will incorporate specialty courses in conjunction with trips and even host a “pool equipment shake down” to make sure everything is “just right” before you embark on the adventure.

So no matter what route you should decide to take it is imperative that first and foremost you remember your limitations! Ease back in and do all you can to be one of “the lucky ones” that plan and dive year-round to continue to advance their diving skills, never “slowing down” for refreshers…instead taking in adventure after adventure!

To learn more about Specialty Programs available from SDI™ please visit or simply give us a call 207.729.4201 or 888.778.9073

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