Intro to Tech is not just for Tech Divers

By Stephen Phillips

In recent months I have received many inquiries about the TDI Intro to Tech Course. They want to know, “Is this a good course for sport divers?” The answer, of course, the answer is yes. The course is an insight into technical diving skills and equipment. This helps prepare students if that is the avenue they wish to pursue. But that is not all it can do.

I recently taught an Intro to Tech course for a student who was trying to get into macro photography.

The student was having difficulty with trim and buoyancy. Yes, this student could have done the SDI Advanced Buoyancy Control course. However, further questions showed that the student was interested in the Intro to Tech after researching the course on the TDI website.

Dates were arranged and after a few weekends diving plus theory which was done with our e-learning platform the course was completed. I was curious to find whether it was of benefit to the student and asked for feedback which I am now sharing in this article.

Here is the student’s response:

”I have been diving as a recreational diver for 15 years. This has been in warm and cold water using wetsuits and drysuits. I recently decided to get into macro photography. However, I found it difficult to maintain buoyancy and trim difficult whilst trying to get good shots. While reading your website, I came across an overview of the Intro to Tech course and contacted you.

The course was thoroughly enjoyable. In fact, the theory filled in many of the gaps in my knowledge. It also helped me better understand important techniques, as well as the downsides of poor diving skills and planning. It has given me information about different areas of diving and equipment that helped me make informed decisions about activities I might like to explore in the future.

I feel much better prepared for the new season of diving — especially in the area of macro photography that I have an interest in. The course has improved both my buoyancy and trim. It has shown me different propulsion techniques which help. The course has completely re-motivated me to get into the water to practice the skills I was taught which have improved my overall diving abilities.

In fact, this course has given me back the enthusiasm for diving that I had when I first learned to dive. This is an excellent course for anyone wondering what to do with their diving and wanting to come to grips with their dive skills in a relaxed and non-pressurized teaching environment.”

As you can see this really helped someone who felt they had lost the diving “bug.”

It showed them that there are a number of options open to them to further their diving hobby. The Intro to Tech Course is not just about a certain kind of diving.

  • For those interested in further technical training, it teaches students the fundmental equipment and procedures technical divers use.
  • For everyone, it can expand knowledge and refine skills.

This is why the TDI Intro to Tech course is a good stepping stone for all divers.

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