You’re Booking that Dive Trip and Excitement is Building: Are YOU Ready?

If you have taken a recess from diving, there are many ways to get ready!

Inactive-DiverWe understand that many of you are busy…really busy! So, when we suggest you jump in your local stores and “shake down” your dive gear, you respond “yeah right!”

It was all you could do to drop your bag off at your local SDI facility and ask them to “check this out… I’m going diving!” So you know your scuba gear WILL be ready, but will you?

Here is a quick and painless suggestion as to how to get ready.

Visit and check out which online course peaks your interest? Sign up and take it as a primer to get you thinking, and yes reflecting, on your upcoming adventure.

Once you arrive at your dive destination, come clean! Trust me, it won’t be the first time they’ve heard, ”I’ve been busy…” Don’t worry when you get started the words will come to you!

Once you get in the water take advantage of a simple shake down dive. If your buddy is not coming with you set your expectations high and team up with the most active diver in the group. Notice I said most active NOT highest certified… that person may be in the same boat as you (yes, pun intended).

Even if you are an ex-Olympic Swimmer, ease back into your diving. NEVER EVER try to pick right back up where you left off…unless you have done so through continuing education.

Go Get Wet …have FUN and tell your friends all about it! There is no better way to develop a larger circle of diving buddies!

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