Scuba Diving Valentines Day

Two Scuba Divers and a Monk Get on a Boat…

It’s no joke.  This happened. But before I explain the WHAT, let me tell you about the HOW.

Scuba Diving and Love Can Go Hand in Hand

The year was 2011 and there was a breeze crossing over the waters of Haigh Quarry in Kankakee, Illinois.  Divers had gathered that chilly October morning to partake in a Midwest diving ritual.  Underwater pumpkin carving.  There was a competitive spirit in the air as Dive Right In Scuba, and their scuba partners, had brought great prizes to the event as a reward for everyone’s creative underwater endeavors.

Dive Buddies Forever

Enter Fate.  Two divers showed up that day without buddies.  Not a problem, right?  Divers are a friendly bunch and surely there would be a chance to buddy up.  And buddy up they did that day.  After quickly breathing through a cylinder of air while struggling with pumpkins to be carved (who knew pumpkins were so buoyant?), the duo of divers dropped off their carvings at the judging table and shared each other’s attention over a bottle of water and deep-fried turkey.  The newfound friends did not take top prize for their pumpkins, but perhaps they won a better prize that day.  A kindled friendship.

That friendship grew through their common love for not only scuba but also kayaking and social discourse.  Fate eventually led them to the altar (and to get a cat but that’s a whole other story).

What About the Monk?

What are two scuba divers to do when they want to get married?  In this case they turned to a Scuba Monk.  That’s right.  A Friar that scuba dives.  Together, following scuba etiquette of “plan your dive and dive your plan,” the trio planned their ceremony and performed said ceremony.  That happy event took place on July 22, 2022 on Lake Michigan.

So…  Two Scuba Divers and a Monk got on a boat.  And they all lived happily ever after.  No joke.  Just another SDI Scuba happy ending.

scuba diving valentines day couple

The happy couple and Marc the Monk.

Scuba Diver Number One: Nancy Huntington.  When Nancy is not being a nurse tending to premature infants in the ICU, she is a SDI CD on staff with Dive Right In Scuba in Plainfield Illinois.

Scuba Diver Number Two  Kelly Grahn.  When Nuclear Physicist Kelly is not tending to environmental HAZMAT situations, he is a SDI CD on staff with Dive Right In Scuba in Plainfield Illinois.

The Scuba Monk: Marc Morale.  When Marc is not repairing or replacing water mains & sewers as a contractor, he is a SDI/TDI/FRTI IT on staff with Dive Right In Scuba in Plainfield, Illinois.

Do you have a great scuba story to tell? We want to hear it! Send us your submission today!

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