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Unveiling the Enhanced Scuba Discovery Standards for 2024

At SDI, our commitment to safety and providing an exceptional diving experience has always been at the forefront of what we do. We continuously strive to improve our programs to ensure that divers of all levels receive the best training and support. With this dedication in mind, we’re thrilled to announce some significant updates to our Scuba Discovery course for 2024. These changes reflect our ongoing efforts to enhance safety and the overall quality of your diving adventure.

Supervision: A Focus on Safety

One of the most substantial changes to the Scuba Discovery program is our increased emphasis on supervision. While instructor-to-student ratios have traditionally been a primary consideration, we’ve come to recognize that the key to safety isn’t just about numbers. It’s about ensuring that supervision aligns with specific diving conditions to guarantee the utmost safety for all participants.

Why the Emphasis on Supervision?

Our decision to shift the focus towards supervision is rooted in a simple philosophy: every dive is unique. Diving conditions can vary greatly from one location to another, even on different days at the same site. By placing a strong emphasis on supervision, we’re adapting to these changing conditions and providing a safer and more tailored experience for all participants.

This initiative empowers our instructors and dive professionals to assess conditions comprehensively and make supervision decisions based on factors such as visibility, water features, and currents. This dynamic approach to supervision ensures that you’ll receive the right level of support, whether you’re exploring a calm, clear reef or diving in more challenging environments.

Introducing the Dive Experience Leader Program

Along with these standards changes, we are also introducing the Dive Experience Leader program. This program allows SDI Divemasters and Assistant Instructors to conduct the Scuba Discovery program in the pool or confined water, respectively, after completing an internship program with an SDI Open Water instructor. See the specifics of this program here.

What You Can Expect

With these updates, you can expect a Scuba Discovery course that’s even more aligned with real-world diving scenarios. Whether you’re taking your first plunge into the underwater world or looking to refresh your skills, you’ll benefit from personalized, situation-specific supervision that enhances both safety and the overall quality of your dive.

At SDI, we’re excited about these changes and the positive impact they will have on your diving journey. Our mission is to make diving accessible, enjoyable, and above all, safe. The enhanced Scuba Discovery standards for 2024 are a significant step towards achieving this mission. So, get ready for an even better diving experience with SDI, where safety and quality always come first.

Want to learn more on the updates? Click to view the new standards.

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