Benefits of Diving Nitrox

word-pictureFew advances in the realm of diving have had a more profound impact during the past two decades than the widespread availability of Enriched Air Nitrox. And nothing has made the switch from diving air to diving its more exotic cousin more straight-forward or more enjoyable than Nitrox programmable dive computers.

The really fun part of diving is all about being underwater. That’s what we train for, that’s what we look forward to, and that’s what we talk about with our friends. But most of us would agree that our dives seem to be over much too soon, and surface intervals seem to drag on forever.

NitroxOf course, we could extend our bottom time way past the recommended no decompression limits and execute staged decompression diving! But for most of us, the additional training, equipment and dedication necessary to properly plan and execute technical dives presents too much of a commitment. Is there a simpler alternative? Luckily there is: Nitrox allows sport divers like you and your buddies to extend your bottom times and to shorten your surface intervals significantly compared to your previous air dives.

When you dive using nitrox, you can take advantage of two major benefits. First, you can increase your maximum allowable bottom time. This happens because the extra oxygen added to your breathing gas has displaced nitrogen. As there is less nitrogen in the mix to be absorbed by your body, you can spend longer at depth before you reach the nitrogen limit – which is the decompression limit. Secondly, since you are absorbing less nitrogen on a given dive, your surface intervals can usually be shortened.

Are you ready to start enjoying longer dives with shorter surface intervals?

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