The Recipe for the Perfect Dive

By Alan Cale

When the idea came up to do an article on the recipe for a perfect dive I knew that it was something I wanted to write.  As soon as it was suggested I knew I was going to make recipe cards that looked like my grandmother’s recipes, and then came the hard part…getting Photoshop to cooperate (totally not because I am self-taught).  During the process, I was transported back to my grandmother’s kitchen working together to get the recipe just right.  A little of this, a dash of that, oops too much now how do we fix it?

Diving, in my mind, is incredibly similar. You pack your bag (ensure you have your ingredients), you don all your gear (prepare your meal), and then you go dive (enjoy the feast).  The “perfect dive” is achieved through your preparation, patience, and following the recipe (or your training and experience).

The thing that stuck with me about a recipe is that it’s a guide and not necessarily hard rules.  Many of my grandmother’s recipes don’t have measurements and they are “to taste,” so my recipe for sugar cookies may be different than someone else’s because we were each trained to do it a little different, but that’s ok in the end we both have cookies!  So in the spirit of that let’s hear some of your “recipes” for your perfect dive!

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