Underwater Journal, Issue 26 is Here

UWJ Issue 26 is ready for download. If you have not subscribed, simply sign in and create an account (takes just a few minutes and it’s FREE).

This issue of Underwater Journal dives into some great features including:

  • Two giant species of Manta Rays – A researcher studying giant mantas finds that one of the oceans’ most enigmatic symbols has in fact a secret twin; proving it took six years of hard work, much of it accomplished with limited logistical and financial support, in an environment that offered little understanding or sympathy for her cause.
  • Bonaire and why it is still a divers’ paradise – It’s an infatuation that has spanned nearly three decades, and continues to grow. Familiarity has not brought complacency; instead, there always seems to be some new wrinkle in the relationship that keeps things fresh and exciting.
  • United Caribbean &Sea Emperor – Entertaining a Double Header Wreck Dive on the Broward/Palm Beach County Line
  • Sea Trial: KISS GEM Semi-Closed Rebreather – Exploring the world of gas efficiency through semi-closed rebreather technology.
  • Diving the island of St. Lucia – St. Lucia is the sort of island that travelers to the Caribbean dream about – a small, lush tropical gem that still manages to stay relatively apart from tourism’s more trodden paths.

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