What is Deep Diving?

What-Is-Deep-DivingWhat does it mean to be a diver: explorer, lover of the outdoors, adventure seeker? Perhaps it is all of these combined and summed up by saying, someone who is passionate about diving and sharing that passion with anyone that will listen. Just like any other passion, it needs to be fed and once a diver becomes comfortable at a certain level, they need a new challenge. For divers, that challenge normally means diving deeper.

For the SDI Openwater Scuba Diver, the maximum depth is 20 metres / 60 feet, so anything beyond that requires additional training. This is true for most other agency’s certifications as well. For a lot of divers, this first certification is all they will ever need or want. In this depth of water you get the maximum amount of sunlight, more marine life than a lifetime would allow you to see and, in some locations, you will be able to stay above the thermocline. But for those divers who wish to see a wreck, to go a little deeper on a wall, or to photograph that fish that will not come into shallower water there is the SDI Deep Diver course.

It is often asked ‘why do I need additional training?’ – and it is easy to see why people would ask that question; after all, it is the same water, same equipment, even the same dive site in some cases. But as we go deeper there is a lot more to consider. Let’s take a step back and review some of the things learned in the SDI Openwater Scuba Diver course: safety procedures, dive planning, air management, buoyancy skills and a long list of in water skills. What was covered in the open water diver course is the foundation that all future courses build on. Also, there is so much knowledge and so many skills built into the open water course that rarely is there enough time to cover the additional information and skills need to conduct dives below 20 metres / 60 feet, not to mention the additional task load that would be placed on the diver.

The SDI Deep course goes further into the subjects of: Nitrogen Narcosis, air management, safe buddy practices for deep diving and staying within the no decompression limits. All of these are key to enjoyable deep dive because, after all, getting to the depth is not the challenge, it’s getting back to the surface safely. Your SDI Instructor will cover the knowledge needed and take you on dives that guide you through safe procedures for carrying out deep, no decompression dives.

So what are you waiting on? Want to see that wreck, illusive fish or enjoy the deep vertical wall? Contact your local SDI Dive Center or sign up for online for our SDI DEEP DIVER COURSE.

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