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Caribbean South Announcement

Welcome Astrid de JagerAstrid

International Training would like to welcome Astrid de Jager to the team as Regional Representative for the newly-added Caribbean South territory. Jesse Iacono, Business Development Territory Manager for the Americas and Caribbean, stated “We are excited to have Astrid join our team. She brings a wealth of experience in the world of diving and we are excited to see the support she can help us provide our existing dealers as well as the new ones coming on board.” Iacono added, “With the growth we have been seeing and anticipate in the Caribbean, we are thrilled to expand our team dedicated to the region.”

Before Joining International Training

Originally working as a copywriter and editor in the Netherlands, Astrid decided to trade the computer and dreary weather for the ocean in sunny Bonaire. Since 2009, she has been working as a dive instructor, dive safety officer, and dive business owner. Thirteen years later, it’s time for a new challenge. She’s excited to help ITI support and grow the family in the Southern Caribbean.

Where is Astrid

Astrid’s region consists of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao. She is excited and ready to help with all of your agency needs. Please give her a warm welcome at or +599-786-2681!

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