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Applying Defog Correctly to your Scuba Mask

Commercial defogging solutions are not only more effective than saliva, they also inhibit the growth of bacteria in your mask between dives. Nevertheless, how can you use them most effectively?

Here is the short version: Read the directions. Although the basic directions for applying most defog is the same, do not simply assume this is true for the defogging solution you are using. Read the directions and follow them precisely.
Scuba Mask Defog
Here are some general recommendations that apply to most mask defogging solutions:

  • Start with a clean lens: Do not let a layer of dirt and grime get between your mask lens and the defogging solution. If need be, clean the mask before applying defog. Remember, new masks require special preparation steps in order for de-fog to work effectively. See New Mask Preparation.
  • Don’t wet the mask lens first. If you do, you may prevent the defog from adhering to the glass and increase the odds it will wash off prematurely. Defog generally works best when applied to a dry lens.
  • Don’t rinse too aggressively. Odds are the manufacturer’s instructions will say to rinse the mask slightly — just enough to remove any excess defog that may have built up in a particular area. More than this and you will just rinse your defog right off again.

Follow these steps and you can help make every dive fog-free.

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  1. Mike Smith
    Mike Smith says:

    Whilst it is true that commercial defog solutions are more effective than saliva it is also true that simple washing up detergent is just as effective as as commercial defog solutions and in terms of price per unit volume at least 100 times cheaper.

  2. Fernando
    Fernando says:

    Hello, el protector solar daña el material de la careta, pues, la exposición a los rayos solares obliga aplicar y podría adherirse incluso, a todo el equipo de buceo. Gracias


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