Scuba Diving International and Boy Scouts of America/Sea Scouts Team Up…

Sea Scouts sign Memorandum of Understanding.

On March 2nd, 2017 Scuba Diving International (SDI) and the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) / Sea Scouts finalized a Memorandum of Understanding.    

Keith Christopher and Brian Carney were introduced last year at the Las Vegas DEMA Show by Kathy Weydig…and everything took off from there.

Six years ago, Kathy Weydig, SDI-TDI Instructor Trainer out of Arizona, decided she wanted to put her own ship (troop) of Sea Scouts in the middle of the desert – and she wanted her ship to be a scuba ship.  As a part of Sea Scouts and leader of her ship, she recognized the shared values between the training agency she represents so well and the organization that she is passionate about.  She knew she had to get Keith Christopher, National Director Sea Scouts, BSA and Brian Carney, President of SDI to meet.  She saw the shared values between the two organizations and understood the benefits that cooperation would do to everyone involved.

“This partnership between the Sea Scouts and SDI provides additional resources for both organizations in ensuring that more youth get involved with scuba activities. We want to provide our youth more opportunities for in, on, around, and under the water activities. This will help us create resources to expand our youth with options to explore a hobby or career in scuba diving,” stated Christopher.

Carney added, “This is a really exciting moment for me personally as I got my start in the diving industry as a Scout at the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base in the Florida Keys many years ago.  To have two organizations that have had big impact on my life enter to an agreement that will give the same opportunities I had as a kid, to more kids is wonderful.  It was that first trip that sparked my interest in the diving industry and led me on the path to my current career.   I owe a lot to BSA / Sea Scouts.”

What does this mean to SDI Divers and Professionals?  It means SDI certifications are formally recognized by the BSA / Sea Scouts.   In addition there are opportunities for SDI Professionals to find out how to work with local groups to start a “Ship” locally with the Sea Scouts.    

Carney also wants to encourage SDI Professionals to participate in the 2017 Jamboree as staff for the scuba pool demo in West Virginia were 12,500 boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 18 will go experience “Scuba Discoveries” over a 10 day period.   “This opportunity exposes you to a couple thousand Scouts over a period of a few days”.   

To find out more information, follow the links below.

General website for finding a local Boy Scout of America contact is the Be A Scout page:

Specific information for Jamboree volunteer information is:

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