Top 5 Misconceptions of Divers – #DiveLife

by Brianne Grant:Top 5 scuba diving misconceptions

We all have those friends or family members that do not understand our passion for diving (they’re clearly not certified). For some of us diving has transformed from a hobby into a lifestyle, for others, it remains a tropical delight or an epic adventure to check off their bucket list. But for those who don’t dive, they really don’t understand our amazing underwater experiences.


What my friends think I do: Hunt for undiscovered shipwrecks and buried treasure chests filled with gold
What I actually do: Watch Titanic on repeat and other movies about finding gold #divelife


What my mom thinks I do: Wrangle sharks
What I actually do: Internalize minor panic attacks and think through every worst-case scenario I watched on Shark Week #divelife


What society thinks I do: Somersault off diving boards into a shallow pool (Olympic Diving)
What I actually do: Gracefully stride off a boat and sink below the water’s surface #divelife


What my instructor thinks I do: Only dive on tropical vacations once a year
What I actually do: Wake up at 6 am to make every weekend charter my local shop offers #divelife


What I think I do: Stealthily convince my friends to become certified divers
What I actually do: Talk endlessly for hours about how awesome EVERY single one of my dives is #divelife

Photos by: Thaddius Bedford, Aldo, Ferrucci,,

Photos by: Thaddius Bedford, Aldo, Ferrucci,,

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