Divemaster – The Best Job in the World

You know you made the right career path when “down time” at work consists of snorkeling with dolphins during an hour long surface interval with your customers… There is no doubt that Divemasters (DM) are known to have the ultimate job; they hold the ticket to traveling around the world working at different dive destinations. Part of their job is to socialize and meet new divers every day. Ultimately, they get to share their passion for diving with others by making a career out of it. If you aren’t ready to quit your 9-5 job and become a globetrotting DM, keep reading…

Divemasters work in various locations around the world including dive resorts, training facilities, live aboard operations, private yachts, cruise ships and more. One year you could be showing your divers Manta Rays in Palau and the next year you could be searching for Sea Horses in the Caribbean. Working around the world as a Divemaster allows you to strengthen your personal dive skills and knowledge base. Yes that’s right, you can get paid to gain dive experience and travel the world!

The role of a Divemaster changes with every shop. DM’s meet and greet customers, socialize and entertain, organize and supervise diving activities, assist instructors, fill tanks (every job has its downside), and a lot more. A big part of being a Divemaster is supervising and leading divers while learning the reefs and wrecks. DM’s get to know the area they are diving in just like you got to know your neighborhood. They get familiarized with the resident octopus, eels, crabs, and more then show divers for (possibly) their first time. Seeing the expressions of divers while experiencing the underwater realm is something most Divemasters do not forget.

As with any occupation, having distinguishable skills in the profession will open up more doors of opportunity for you. Divemasters who have a Captain’s license are more marketable in areas of boat diving. Most areas find Divemasters who can repair and service regulators, VIP cylinders, and work on compressors extremely useful. Retail skills are a major asset to have for the days you aren’t working in the water. Photography skills are also a huge benefit, since many divers are willing to pay a separate DM to go out and photograph their dive experience. Since you are dealing with so many people on a day-to-day basis, being multilingual is another major advantage. As you can see, a variety of qualifications are extremely valuable for you as a DM, but you cannot put a price tag on one of the most important attributes: being fun and entertaining while maintaining a professional attitude anddemeanor. The key is to keep your divers safe while ensuring that they are having a great time.

So you’re ready to take the plunge, what’s next? To become a SDI Divemaster you must be a minimum of 18 years old and hold the SDI (or equivalent) Advanced Diver certification, including verifiable experience in navigation, deep, and night or limited visibility diving specialties. You also must be a SDI Rescue Diver (or equivalent) and provide proof of current CPR, first aid and oxygen provider (where local law permits) and provide proof of 40 logged dives. Meet with your local SDI facility to review the steps to making your dream job your real job!

What does the ultimate job pay? We’ll be realistic, not a lot, but it’s made up by the amazing people you can meet from all over the world and the once in a lifetime experiences you get to have. Becoming an instructor is the next step after DM. Teaching gives you even more windows of opportunity in the dive industry and it only goes up from here. Continuing your education through instructional level courses and gaining knowledge in the field might allow you enough experience to work in other areas of the dive industry; whether it is for training organizations, scuba diving equipment manufacturers and more, the sky is the limit when you’re ready to switch gears or settle down.

You can’t put a numerical value on doing what you love. If you’re ready for a lifestyle change and you are passionate about diving , consider immersing yourself in it by becoming an SDI Divemaster. Having the ability to share your love for diving, socializing and traveling is why we consider being a Divemaster one of the best jobs in the world!

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