Is Diving on Your Bucket List?

By Dr. Thomas Powell:
SDI diverIn modern society, the term “bucket list” has become a common topic discussed among people of all ages. The concept suggests that people should list out the things they wish to do during their lifetimes. This list would consist of things that a person feels he or she cannot miss out on enjoying. A simple search on the Internet can provide an individual with pre-made bucket lists as examples for others to use. #BucketList

Bucket lists often include trips to unique destinations and adventurous activities. These activities may include jumping out of airplanes, rock climbing, visiting spas in exotic locales, and even scuba diving. Age, physiology, health, and life experience often do not play a part in determining what dreams are truly possible. Instead, wild adventures and physically demanding ideas may be placed onto a bucket list. The purpose behind developing a bucket list is to develop dreams and establish a plan as to how to accomplish those dreams. #Dreams, #Adventure

Scuba diving is a sport that can be friendly to a vast array of differing people with differing physiologies. Equipment alterations, such as the use of side-mounted cylinders can even allow individuals to reduce weight-associated problems by mounting those cylinders after entering the water. Essentially, bad knees, age, or a lack of physical strength are issues that can be overcome with proper training and practice. Dive instructors must recognize physical or mental limitations and ensure the diver is capable, but people of all types may still choose to look into what they may consider a dream sport. #ExceedingLimitations

Working in the Florida Keys is an experience that can show any dive instructor the differing people who enjoy the sport of diving. Every day, divers in every reasonable age category with vastly different personal life stories jump off of dive boats to enjoy the undersea world. For reasons such as this, scuba diving is a sport that may pop up on anyone’s bucket list, and it rightfully should. Anyone who has spent time underwater can relate that new things will be seen, and a whole new environment will be ripe to experience. #NewThingsNewEnvironments, #UnderseaWorld

In regards to individuals who already know how to scuba dive, the scuba world has a multitude of avenues and styles that may be entertained. New equipment configurations or even types of diving may be dream activity someone may place onto a bucket list. Some examples may be found when an experienced diver dreams of one day entering a cave, or diving deeper than they have gone in the past. Just because someone already knows how to dive does not mean that further adventures within the scuba world will not hold a rightful place on a person’s bucket list. #DeeperFarther

Diving is a sport that can lead individuals to new and exotic locations. Wherever there is water too deep to stand, a person may be able to experience the aquatic environment. This fact suggests that one bucket list item (scuba diving) can take an individual to some of the other places and on some of the other adventures holding spots on that same list. For this reason, new and old divers alike should look into diving. If this sport is not already on someone’s bucket list, maybe it should be considered. #ExoticLocations, #DreamConsiderations

– Dr. Thomas Powell
Owner/Instructor Trainer – Air Hogs Scuba, Garner, NC

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