Need a Dive Buddy?

Why not create one!?

Need a Dive BuddyIf like Santana’s infamous song you find yourself humming …”I aint got nobody that I can depend on…no tengo a nadie”… this is not a good place to be for a diver. You need to launch a plan to get a Dive Buddy…right now!

Chances are you have half heartedly tried to recruit a friend to your favorite past time, SCUBA. You may have had some luck and some failures.

Here’s a plan: invite your friends to go diving, NOT just go take a class on it. Have them come along on a trip and actually be part of the fun. Arrange for their involvement, a spot on the boat, on the beach or water’s edge. Maybe, just maybe, if the opportunity lends itself, arrange for them to snorkel above the dive group so they can see firsthand what you are up to. Chances are that if you contact your local SDI™ facility and ask them if you can bring a friend down to a pool session to have them splash around and maybe try SCUBA, they will be more than happy to accommodate you.

One thing is for sure: if you don’t ask, you won’t get! So quit humming already… you are starting to scare the person beside you…don’t look now!

Simply contact for the facility nearest you or give a call 207.729.4201.

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