TDI™/ SDI™ at the London International Dive Show (LIDS)

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Solo Diving – Coming of age

London International Dive ShowSDI™ was the first agency to launch a Solo diving course and to emphasize the importance of Self Reliance. Although still a controversial topic, many other agencies are now following SDI’s lead and launching courses aimed at creating more self-reliant divers. Don’t miss TDI™ / SDI™ Instructor Trainer Mark Powell’s perceptive take on the subject. If you are an instructor, photographer or just dive with a variety of buddies, you will want to hear what Mark has to say on this topic.

LIDS will be held on the 31st March – 1st April at the Excel Centre, London.

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2 replies
  1. Tim Stilwell
    Tim Stilwell says:

    I am a Solo Diver trained by SDI and i really think that the training that I recieved was great.; In fact i think that when I dive with other people i am a better dive bubby because of the training and the extra equipment i carry

  2. Adrian Hill
    Adrian Hill says:

    The solo diver course is excellent and I recommend it to any advanced diver.
    It teaches essential skills for all divers.
    Ironically, it is the best buddy training you can find anywhere.
    I have hundreds of safe solo dives, and I follow the four simple rules every time.
    Properly done, it is far safer than getting a last minute buddy you don’t know.
    And much less noisy and stressful. The only dangerous situations I have ever been in we’re with and because of unknown buddies – I won’t do it anymore!!
    The course teaches all you need and you will be as safe as your ability to follow the procedures
    Adrian, Baptiste, Canada


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