Thermal Protection is Needed for Longer Dives

Thermal2To get the full benefit of diving with Nitrox, you’ll need to be sure that you are wearing adequate thermal protection for the waters where you dive. Whether you dive in the tropics or in colder waters, the extended bottom times provided by Nitrox will usually necessitate more thermal protection/insulation than you might ordinarily wear.

While you might be able to dive in the Caribbean wearing a dive skin for short duration dives, when using Nitrox you may need to switch to wearing a tropical shorty wetsuit. The fact is that the longer your dives are, the more likely it is that you’ll get cold, even in warmer waters.

To reap the maximum benefits of Nitrox in waters colder than about 18° C/ 65° F, you should consider a dry suit for optimal thermal protection. Dry suits are not difficult to use, but they do require additional training, so ask your instructor about drysuit diving if you are interested in their use.

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