Trim Fast is a supplemental dive shake that is designed by SDI to keep you in trim all day! Drink one bottle of Trim Fast before entering the water and you will gain perfect trim instantly. Why use this product? The answer is simple – so you can have perfect trim in all of your photos and videos. No more siltation of fragile dive sites. No more talks from your instructor and dive buddies. But most importantly, no more mean comments online regarding vertical position. Start using Trim Fast today and leave all your worries in the silt!


  • InternetDiver
    I spiked the water coolers at our local quarry with Trim Fast hoping that it would increase visibility throughout the day, and I am impressed beyond belief. The difference was just outstanding. Not only did the bottom remain untouched, every diver I passed by looked perfectly trim in the water. I would recommend this to many of my friends.
  • Donnie
    Works for peoples trims but now I don’t have anything to post about on the forum. Destroyed my only social life. 2/5 would not recommend.
  • Becky
    Before Trim Fast my trim was awful. I was uncomfortable in the water, bumping into my buddy, and just catching haters left and right.  Trim Fast changed everything.  I am everyone’s first pick for a buddy now. and I am comfortable as a turtle in the water.  Thanks for making a great hater and troll free product!
  • Stephanie
    I was constantly having my course photos criticized on facebook for trim. After I started requiring students to take trimfast before the dives the course photos were getting many more likes on facebook. Unfortunately this product DOES NOT stop comments online regarding snorkels. I would like to see a version that helps with internet divers making fun of snorkels. Other than that, great product.
  • Greg
    This product was amazing. It did what was advertised and gave me perfect trim.
  • Brittany
    Before I found Trim Fast my trim was all out of wack… now that I have Trim Fast my trim has greatly improved and I’d even go as far to say it’s near perfect! Thank you SDI you saved the day!!! I’ll be buying more for sure!
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