Underwater Journal, Issue 24 is ready

underwater-journalUWJ Issue 24 is ready for download. If you have not subscribed, simply sign in and create an account (takes just a few minutes and it’s FREE).

This issue of underwater journal dives into some great features including: the mystery wreck of Helldiver and its discovery story. Did you know that there is only one Helldiver remaining in the world that is still in flying condition?

Also check out Pierce Hoover as he explores the Grand Cayman’s shallow water Kittiwake Shipwreck and the bell of the underwater ball. Did you know that there was a porthole cut in the top of the bell to allow light to enter and diver’s bubbles to escape?

Dive Raja Ampat with Mike Bartick and get a glimpse of where marine life diversity is amongst the highest recorded on earth, including a staggering 540 hard coral species, 1,300 reef fish and over 4.5 million hectares of rich, bio-diverse ocean to explore.

In addition to some of the fantastic dive sites, this issue discusses Gas Management techniques and pony bottles, future exploration with Exosuits, and spicy sauces to heat up your taste buds.

There’s much more to enjoy and learn, get your FREE magazine today. Don’t forget, UWJ is iPad compatible to download and save in iBooks.

This is YOUR MAGAZINE with lots of benefits. We appreciate your support and encouragement! Enjoy, and please let us know what you think.

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