World’s Largest Underwater Clean Up

SDI/TDI/ERDI is proud of our very own Ahmed Gabr for achieving another new Guinness World Record, the World’s Largest Underwater Clean-up which was recorded in Egypt on June 5, 2015. Ahmed organized the world’s largest underwater clean-up at the marina of the Hilton Plaza Hotel in Hurghada, Egypt. The official Guinness World Record is recorded as “The Most Participants in an Underwater Clean-up (Single Venue)” with 614 people, beating out the previous record of 300 people.

Ahmed was was originally planning to set the record with 400 participants, but many more divers came out to support him and the cause of giving back to our oceans in celebration of the World Environment Day. The event was greatly supported by the Egyptian government; the Minister of Tourism, Khaled Rami, as well as the governor of ‪‎Red Sea,‬ Mr. Ahmed Abdullah, who both participated in the event.

Ahmed Gabr is an SDI/TDI Instructor Trainer, and former Egyptian Army officer. He is also the only ERDI Instructor and certified US Combat Diver in the Middle East. He also holds two other world records for Deepest Scuba Dive (male) and Deepest Sea Dive.

For the purposes of this record, an underwater clean-up is defined as a continuous operation in which divers wearing breathing apparatus search an underwater area for man-made waste products with the aim of removing them from the natural environment.

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