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World’s Youngest Scuba Diving Siblings Make a Splash in the Diving Community

Breaking the Surface: Bengaluru’s Youngest Divers

In a remarkable display of talent and determination, Bengaluru-based Ovee Malve set a world record at 10, becoming the youngest certified scuba diver. Just a day after celebrating her birthday, Ovee achieved this feat in Puducherry, emerging as the youngest-certified open water diver.

Joining her in this extraordinary achievement is her sister, Ruchi, who at 14, became the other half of the world’s youngest certified scuba diving siblings under the guidance of their father, Neeraj Malve, an experienced scuba diver himself, and founder of the Bangalore Mountaineering Club.

Both of the Malve sisters during their scuba courses

Diving Deep into Training

Ovee’s scuba journey began at Temple Adventures in Puducherry, where she enrolled in the junior open water diver course and trained under the expert guidance of Shreya Mehta. Ruchi, her older sister, took her dive training in Goa with Shaurya Tarni of Dive Goa, eventually earning her certification. Their comprehensive training regimen included a 200-meter swim and a 10-minute float test, along with thorough theoretical and practical training, culminating in their ability to dive up to 18 meters worldwide.

A Family Affair in Adventure

Neeraj’s approach to introducing his daughters to adventure sports reflects his understanding of the challenges, especially for young enthusiasts. He never imposed his passion on them but instead ensured they received proper training. Ovee and Ruchi, being drawn to water since their early years and inspired by their father’s scuba diving videos, naturally gravitated towards swimming and later, scuba diving.

Conservation and Career Aspirations

Beyond setting records, Ruchi is driven by a vision for marine conservation, aiming to combat the detrimental effects of underwater debris on marine life. Ovee aspires to continue her father’s legacy by becoming a diving instructor and exploring the world’s oceans, embodying the adventurous spirit of their family.

Inspiring the Next Wave of Divers

The Malve sisters’ achievement is more than a record-breaking event; it symbolizes the adventurous spirit, family ties, and the relentless pursuit of passion. Their journey stands as a beacon, encouraging young divers everywhere to explore the depths of the ocean  and protect its precious ecosystems.

Information for this blog is from The New Indian Express.

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