Buck Buchanan: SDI Instructor Trainer Ambassador

Hi, I’m Buck Buchanan. I’m honored to be a part of the SDI Instructor Ambassador Program. I’m from Acworth, Georgia where I own Dive911. I’ve been diving since I was 15.

What was the first dive you did and how did it influence you to start a career in the diving industry?

I experienced diving for the first time at age 15 with a close family friend. He showed me this “magic trick” of breathing underwater and that simple act started a 40 plus year love affair with the underwater world. The ability to dive and breathing underwater has always felt like a superpower and I have continued to grow and experience new and exciting things. Little did I know that moment of adventure would turn into a lifelong quest of sharing the underwater those around me.

What do you believe is the most important trait of a professional educator and why?

Communication: The ability to paint a picture and plant a seed that fosters a conducive learning environment for progressive learning. The ability of the instructor to focus on his students and understands how to take that seed, add water and becomes part of the student’s growth is imperative in quality instruction.

What is your favorite SDI class to teach and why?

Open Water Instructor is my favorite course to teach. This class allows me to have the greatest reach and effect to entry level divers across the world. Through training OWSI, I am able to influence and reach those that they train by incorporating a high level of instruction that builds the quality of divers on the market.

What is a bucket list dive you still have?

I have always had a love for military history and have such a profound respect for those who have served. This is why the Bikini Atoll Islands is on my top bucket list. The Bikini Atoll is the birthplace of arms race that lead to the cold war era. Being able to dive underwater and go back in time is a connection that is so surreal to me. Located in one of the most remote places on earth and so few have had the opportunity to explore this great piece of history.

What is one bit of advice you would give to a perspective Instructor candidate about to embark on becoming an SDI Instructor?

This is not your end this is only your beginning; DIVE, DIVE, DIVE. Take as many classes as you can always be the student, Seek Quality instructors from senior level trainers in all disciplines of diving. There is no substitute for experience, if you want to PASS IT ON, YOU MUST POSSESS IT FIRST.