Dori Phillips: SDI Instructor Trainer Ambassador

Hi, I’m Dori Phillips. I’m honored to be a part of the SDI Instructor Ambassador Program.

What was the first dive you did and how did it influence you to start a career in the diving industry?

Discover Dive experience in Belize over the Blue Hole. Then 8 years later a co-worker in Chicago signed us up for a dive class, conveniently I had a vehicle and 4 weeks later Pearl Lake, WI OW checkouts changed my life.

What do you believe is the most important trait of a professional educator and why?

Honesty and integrity with a healthy dose of humility. Educating is sharing of information and methods, no one knows everything and as an instructor, I am always learning.

What is your favorite SDI class to teach and why?

Open Water class pool session/dive. One because that is when you see that first sparkle in a new diver’s eye. It is also vital to start a new off on a positive platform, I love helping people take that first breath.

What is a bucket list dive you still have?

Cave diving in Russia and diving with belugas. Oh and also the land down under! I have been so many places and each time I go somewhere new 3 more places get added.

What is one bit of advice you would give to a perspective Instructor candidate about to embark on becoming an SDI Instructor?

Do the right, take it seriously yet have fun. No point in doing it if you do not enjoy it, you will not be good. Also, focus on your core concepts then expand. Avoid pulls to be everything to everyone. Be you, be genuine, realize you will make mistakes so always take time to be prepared and safe.