Jeffrey Kline: SDI Instructor Trainer Ambassador

Hi, I’m Jeffrey Kline. I’m honored to be a part of the SDI Instructor Ambassador Program. I’m from Maryland where I own Divers Den Dive Center. I’ve been diving since 1981.

What was the first dive you did and how did it influence you to start a career in the diving industry?

My first dive was at Willow Springs in Lancaster, Pa. In 1981 and as an open water diver, I couldn’t get enough of the underwater world

What do you believe is the most important trait of a professional educator and why?

You must be receptive to “Change”. In teaching students you need to learn how to read your students and get into their heads to make sure they are learning the program. Everyone is different and learning isn’t the same for each one of us. This is one of the reasons I love SDI/TDI, we can conform our training to the students learning the ability.

What is your favorite SDI class to teach and why?

Open Water class and IDC course. I get the same feeling of accomplishment when I teach either one. Open water I get to see peoples face light up when they take that first breath underwater in an unnatural environment. The IDC course I get to see how people love to teach others. Not everyone is Instructor material and fit the SDI/TDI image in my eyes. This is why I don’t run a 7 to 10 day Instructor program to be an SDI Instructor. I want to meet you, have you work with multiple classes and grow you into the Instructors who takes the time to make people “Divers”, not just teach people to dive.

What is a bucket list dive you still have?

Any dives with large Pelagic ocean animals. People in this world are killing our Oceans and all its life with plastic pollution. I want to spend as much time as possible with these beautiful creatures before it’s too late.

What is one bit of advice you would give to a perspective Instructor candidate about to embark on becoming an SDI Instructor?

Be humble, have integrity, and never stop learning. As a Candidate couldn’t have picked a better Agency to represent. When you become an SDI/TDI Instructor, you are part of a growing family and not just a number of a big agency. SDI/TDI is the leader in the industry in training and all the help you need is a phone call away.