Paul Kobrin: SDI Instructor Trainer Ambassador

Hi, I’m Paul Kobrin. I’m honored to be a part of the SDI Instructor Ambassador Program. I own New England Dive Center and I’ve been diving since the late 1960’s.

What was the first dive you did and how did it influence you to start a career in the diving industry?

The first dive I can remember was in the late 1960s. A friend of mine’s father lost a watch in a lake in about 15 feet of water. I donned some borrowed gear and descended into the murky depths, found the watch and was paid $25 for my troubles and thought to myself, I can make money doing this.

What do you believe is the most important trait of a professional educator and why?

Patience and humility – being adaptable, realizing not all students learn the same.

What is your favorite SDI class to teach and why?

Wreck Diver – when a wreck sinks unintentionally due to a collision, war or any other reason, time stops and it becomes a time capsule. When we dive on those wrecks we are diving into history.

What is a bucket list dive you still have?

Bikini Atoll

What is one bit of advice you would give to a perspective Instructor candidate about to embark on becoming an SDI Instructor?

Time management – it’s crucial to running a smooth class, treat students as you would want to be treated