Topsham, ME, 26 September 2006
SDI/TDI announces a brand new, revamped version of its already successful CPROX & CPR1st programs.The newly released CPROX1st AED, Common Sense Lifesaving course, builds on the successful approach of the original courses, and encompasses Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Emergency Oxygen administration, First Aid, and, the newest element, Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).

CPROX1st AED program, like its predecessors, is written in a way that a lay rescuer can understand and remember the most effective response when an emergency situation presents itself. This course also includes all the newest recommendations from the American Heart Association for lay rescuer CPR.

“Over the past year we have had several requests to combine CPROX & CPR1st program. Also with the added availability of AED units we decide to design a unique program that includes all three elements” explained Sean Harrison, Vice President Training and Membership Services.

“Not only did we combine the programs, we redesigned the training materials to include a new student manual, instructor guide, Power Point and reference slate that combines all three elements into one” Harrison went on to say.

“The new CPROX1st with AED is exciting because it simplifies and liberates the natural instincts for lifesaving that we already possess” stated Dr. Warren Smith, author of the CPROX1st AED training materials.

The new CPROX1st AED program will be launched at this year DEMA in Orlando, FL. To assist with the launch a training seminar is schedule for Friday November 10, 2006 from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM at the Howard Johnson located at 9956 Hawaiian Court.

The program is available for current CPROX and CPR1st instructors and new instructors needing to complete the course. Cost 195.00 for current instructors and 295.00 for new instructors. The Instructor Kit is included with tuition (student manual, instructor guide and resource CD-ROM).

Sean Harrison and Warren Smith, MD will be conducting the training seminar. To sign up for the course call 888-778-9073 or 207-729-4201, or email

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