June 2007 – Topsham Maine
Scuba Diving International (SDI), sister company of Technical Diving International (TDI) and Emergency Diving International (ERDI) is proud to announce the new SDI Online Program specialty courses. “Deep Diver” and “Underwater Navigation” join “Open Water” and “Nitrox” to the SDO online curriculum and are based on SDI’s recently released and revised course materials and they reflect the most up-to-date learning materials that are available today.
SDI, the worldwide leader in diving education through eLearning and distance learning applications, is known for its innovative approach to scuba diving educational products. The SDI online open water scuba program continues to be a tremendous success and undoubtedly remains unrivaled in online educational products and services available today. Due the positive reaction worldwide to the SDI online open water scuba program, there was an immediate demand for additional online courses to be made available.
“High profile retailers have found the SDI online programs to be highly effective in meeting their customer’s needs. Therefore, the new additions to the SDI Online Program provide yet another opportunity for dealers to take advantage of the flexibility online programs while providing their students with a program they enjoy completing”, stated David Burroughs, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SDI.
“SDI looks forward in the coming months to releasing new and exciting products and programs for consumers to enjoy. By embracing the concept that different people respond to slightly different learning stimuli, SDI has begun to provide an additional avenue for those interested in the underwater world to enjoy their diving adventure: and that’s online learning” stated Brian Carney, President.
To purchase the SDI Online Nitrox Materials email worldhq@tdisdi.com, call 1 207 729-4201 or contact your local regional office.

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