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Air Fill Station Technician

SDI Certified Air Fill Station Technician

Dive deeper into your diving career or hobby by mastering the essential skill of safely filling compressed gas cylinders with air. This course equips you with the knowledge and techniques to ensure safety at every step of the air filling process, enhancing your capabilities and confidence underwater.

Key Benefits of the Air Fill Station Technician Course

This detailed course offers more than just the basics of air filling; it’s a comprehensive dive into the responsibilities and safety practices of an Air Fill Station Technician. You’ll emerge with a profound understanding of the main causes of accidents in air filling, the risks and hazards associated with compressed gas cylinders, and the safe operating principles that prevent them. The course covers everything from the definition of breathing grade air, factors affecting air quality and contaminants, to the intricacies of air analysis and air fill production equipment. You’ll also learn about the critical safety systems, fill station systems, and the proper handling and procedures for filling cylinders with air. By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped to handle, transport, inspect, and fill compressed gas cylinders with confidence and precision.

Your Path to Becoming an Air Fill Tech

This course is specifically tailored for individuals deeply integrated into the diving world, looking to enhance their expertise or kickstart their career in dive equipment management and safety. Ideal candidates include:

  • Dive Center Staff & Retail Employees: Essential for those involved in the operations of air fill stations, aiming to improve safety and service quality.
  • Enthusiast Divers: Divers eager to deepen their understanding of equipment and safety processes, aspiring to self-sufficiency and peer safety.
  • Diving Professionals: Instructors and career divers seeking to broaden their skill set and credentials for advanced roles within the industry.


  • Age: Participants must be a minimum of 18 years old, ensuring readiness for the technical and safety responsibilities the course demands.
  • Interest: A strong interest in diving equipment and safety is key, as the course is designed for those committed to learning about and implementing air fill safety practices.

With a concise curriculum and targeted prerequisites, this course sets you on the path to becoming a proficient Air Fill Station Technician, ready to ensure the safety and integrity of diving operations.

Essential Skills You Will Master

In this course, you’ll delve into critical topics, including:

  • The Role and Responsibilities of an Air Fill Station Technician
  • Identifying and Mitigating Risks and Hazards
  • Basics of Safe Operation
  • Understanding Breathing Grade Air
  • Air Quality Assessment and Contamination Prevention
  • Comprehensive Overview of Air Fill Production Equipment
  • Mastery of Safe Cylinder Handling and Air Filling Procedures

Course Experience: What to Expect

Expect an engaging mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application over the recommended 2-hour classroom and briefing sessions. You’ll have access to essential resources such as the Visual Inspection Procedures manual, Air Fill Station Technician Knowledge Quest, and hands-on practice with air fill station and compressor equipment. This course is designed to be flexible, accommodating varying skill levels and ensuring comprehensive training. Through a combination of expert instruction, hands-on practice, and rigorous safety standards, you’ll be well-prepared to confidently fill cylinders with air, understanding both the how and the why behind each step.

Click here for the full Course Standards and Procedures.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Embark on this journey to become a certified Air Fill Station Technician and play a crucial role in ensuring diving safety. Your expertise in air filling will not only enhance your value in the diving community but also open doors to further professional development and diving adventures. Find Your Local SDI Dive Center

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Why SDI?

Explore the depths with Scuba Diving International (SDI) – where the world of sport diving unfolds at your pace. Founded in 1998 by diving veterans, SDI stands for a revolutionized approach to scuba certification. Our innovative e-learning and tailored Differentiated Instruction respect your individuality, ensuring a bespoke learning experience. From young adventure-seekers to seasoned professionals aspiring to teach, SDI guarantees education with integrity, collaborative spirit, and uncompromising safety. As part of International Training, we’re not just about diving; we’re about nurturing stewards of the marine world. Embrace the SDI distinction, where you learn to protect the aquatic wonders as you explore them.

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