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In Store C-Card Printer, IDP SMART-31S

In Store C-Card Printer, IDP SMART-31S
In Store C-Card Printer, IDP SMART-31S


In Store C-Card Printer, IDP SMART-31S

Here at SDI, TDI & ERDI we strive to bring you the best, most user friendly products that will enhance your Dive Center’s appeal and presence. Our In-store Card Printer is no different. While we make every effort to process certifications as quickly as possible, we know today’s consumers are accustomed to instant results. How better to give your customers superior service than to be able to present them with a certification card as soon as they complete their course? How better to keep your Dive Center in their mind than by having your store logo on the card? And while we are at it, why not put student photos on c-cards as an added bonus?

Our In-store Card Printing System gives you all these benefits without adding any significant additional labor on your part. We designed this system to be easy to use, straight forward and fast. If you are already using our online registration system, printing a c-card is as easy as clicking a button. If you want to add student photos to your cards you can do so easily at any time using our photo upload module. Finally, as an added bonus when you sign up for our program you will have access to all your registered students records so that you can generate additional revenue via replacement card printing.

All this and you get SDI, TDI & ERDI world class customer support to make sure your printing investment works for years to come. Thank you for choosing SDI, TDI & ERDI In-store card printing. We appreciate your business and look forward to supporting your Dive Center.

In Store C-Card Printer, IDP SMART-31S (Includes 1 YMCKO Ribbon (250 Cards), 100 PVC Cards, 1 Long Cleaning Card)

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