Technical Diver Survey

Thank you for participating in our technical diver research survey. With your help, we will be able to provide better service for new and future tech divers in the years to come.  We greatly appreciate your time!

Please note: This survey is anonymous.

To stay underwater longerTo explore deeper areasTo utilize a rebreatherTo dive in cavesTo explore wrecksTo experience moreTo work underwaterTo improve underwater photographyTo improve my dive planningTo master diving skillsOther

ReadingSports / FitnessSkiing / SnowboardingOther Extreme / Adventure SportsTravelingFishingArts / CraftsTelevisionPlaying An InstrumentCollectingGardeningVideo GamesOther

NoGas management looked complicatedNew gear seemed intimidatingI was nervous there would be a lot to learnRebreathers seemed dangerousClaustrophobiaOther

I work in an officeI work a tradeI work in the service industryI am a stay-at-home parentI am a teacherI am a studentI am a first responderI'm in the militaryI am unemployedOther

They are impressedThey are jealousThey are surprisedThey are nervousThey are enthusiasticThey are happyThey are interested in learning moreThey have started divingOther

RelaxedConnected With NatureAccomplishedHealthyFreeExcitedAdventurousImpressiveOther

Advanced gas mixes for open circuit divingInitial rebreather trainingAdvanced rebreather trainingCave divingRebreather cave divingAdvanced wreckDiver propulsion vehiclesEquipment serviceProfessional (instructor courses)Other

Fun and enjoyment in lifeWarm relationships with othersSelf-fulfillmentBeing well respectedExcitementA sense of accomplishmentSecuritySelf-respectA sense of belonging