Choosing your Technical Instructor: Explorers & Educators

When it comes to choosing an instructor it’s not always as simple as picking the instructor with the most experience. While they might have years of experience that doesn’t always mean they are the best instructor for you. We’re walking you through what to look for in your tech diving instructor.

LED Lighting in Technical Diving

Which lights are right for you? And what’s the difference between them? We’re breaking it down for you, types of LEDs what they’re used for, how they came about and more.

Don’t Get Caught in the Lines

Cave divers rely on their equipment, skills and a calm state of mind to ensure a safe exit from a cave. These three items are all interconnected and directly relate to every aspect of cave diving.

Lost in a Cave: Becoming the Aware Cave Diver

Don’t get lost cave divng. Read one man’s story about how he almost ran out of air cave diving.