Testifying in Court, new ERDI online course is here

Testifying In CourtThousands of people testify in hearings worldwide every day and potentially millions throughout the year. Avoid some of the pitfalls that come with testifying in court, with Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) new awareness program, Testifying In Court.

For some, presenting information to a collective body can sometime seem to be a challenging and intimidating task. However, for the emergency response diver it can often seem overwhelming, at the onset. Unfamiliarity with the legal system, not knowing the procedures or required etiquette necessary to present oneself and the information in hand can often lead to undue stress and even fear of testifying in legal hearings. However, with proper planning, preparation and an understanding of the legal arena any individual can appear confident, competent and professional.

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This course will address the necessary steps you need to be prepared when providing testimony in legal proceedings as well as the etiquette required of most courtroom settings. Look like a professional, act like a professional and be prepared, it can make a world of difference.