TDI Hollis Explorer Sport Rebreather Course

Hollis Explorer Rebreather Course

TDI and Hollis Explorer Rebreather Course Information

We are proud to be offering some of the first training programs on the new Hollis Explorer Sport Rebreather. In 2013 we’re pairing up with Hollis to conduct Explorer Instructor and qualified diver level courses around the nation. Space is limited; don’t miss the chance to join us in one of these events!

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Course Schedule & Information

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  • April 13-14 in Williston, FL
  • June 19-21 in Dive Alabama, AL
  • July 19-21 in Dutch Springs, PA
  • Aug 09-11 in Haigh Quarry, IL
  • Nov 10-12 in Williston, FL

To register for any of these courses, please fill out the course registration form and write in the location of the course you wish to attend. Space is limited – Do not make travel plans until you have received confirmation from TDI.

Additional requirements may apply. Please review the information below to find out more.

Price: $695

Includes: tuition, use of Hollis Explorer Sport Rebreather during course, and certification fee.

NOT included:: course materials, gas fills, scrubber, bailout cylinder, bailout regulator, dive site fees, equipment rental (ie: mask, fins, appropriate exposure protection, weight, last minute items, etc.), travel expenses, food, accommodations, and personal comfort items.

Course Duration: 3 days, includes 4 open water dives

Hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm (be prepared to stay to stay later if necessary)

What to bring: Copies of certifications, mask, fins, appropriate exposure protection, completed TDI Generic CCR eLearning progress report, TDI EAD tables, TDI deco tables, Hollis Explorer manual (download), Hollis Liability Release, if necessary; a current (within 12 months) Medical Statement signed by a physician stating you are fit to dive.

Instructor Level Programs for the Hollis Explorer Sport Rebreather

TDI Instructor and Instructor Trainer programs will be conducted on an “as needed basis. Contact John Conway or Lauren Kieren to schedule a course.

Instructor Candidate Prerequisites

  1. Minimum age 18
  2. Provide proof of:
    • Certified TDI EXPLORER Diver
    • Certified TDI Nitrox Instructor, or equivalent
    • 100 verified logged dives, 50 using nitrox
  3. Assist with at least one complete TDI Explorer Rebreather Diver course to the satisfaction of the TDI instructor trainer
  4. Provide proof of a minimum of 25 logged rebreather dives on a Explorer Rebreather, with a minimum of 30 accumulated hours
  5. OR

  6. If the candidate is already a certified TDI SCR or CCR instructor, in place of #4 above, provide proof of a minimum 10 verified logged Explorer Rebreather dives with a minimum of 15 accumulated hours

Contacts for this Course

Lauren Kieren – Training & Membership Services
Main Line: +1 (207) 729-4201 EXT 204
Toll Free: (888) 778-9073 EXT 204
Toll Free Fax: (877) 436-7096

John Conway, Hollis Rebreather Training Director, Explorer Instructor/IT cell: 904-994-6586