Why Do Divers Keep Breaking the “Rules” ?

Do you consider all factors when you see a story or report about someone “breaking the rules?” Do you think about the rule itself? The individual who broke that “rule” and their reasoning for their actions? And finally do you think about the situational factor of what may have been happening at the time? Gareth Lock will give you an in-depth look at these three things to break down why divers break the rules from time to time.

“Stop making stupid mistakes. If only they’d follow the rules”

For those who have just had a mental response of ‘How stupid was it that they would use cells that old?’, ‘Darwin Award winner’ or similar, you have just demonstrated some of the mental biases and shortcuts (heuristics) which are part of the way our brain is wired for efficiency. These mental shortcuts are how we deal with the complex and ambiguous world we live in, and we do this all the time. Most of the time it doesn’t matter, sometimes it is critical.

Just Culture: Why it is essential that we stop judging & blaming and start looking at context

In terms of the social aspects, when our professionalism or competency is threatened, we are liable to put up defenses.