Health and Fitness Part 4

We could all lose 10 to 100 lbs and be far better off for it, but who cares? If you have the money and time to go diving, you should be able to dive anywhere you want right? I signed the waiver, I have the proper cert card that I successfully paid for, and so who are you to tell me that I cannot make this dive?

Health and Fitness Part 3

Fitness in diving, specifically public safety diving, allows us to perform, be successful, and refrain from injury. Obesity and laziness are the killers of public safety personnel. Public safety divers often find themselves in the least preferable conditions doing the dirtiest of work. Fitness is how we are going to stay alive in the long run.

Health and Fitness Part 2

In Part 2 of our Health and Fitness series, Thomas Powell shares the beginnings of the journey he went on with his business partner Josh Norris to improve their health and fitness. They start by visiting a doctor to get a professional opinion on how they should approach this process and they are shocked by what the doctor tells them. Later they recount how shedding some weight and upping their fitness routine affects their diving.