15 yr-old Completes TDI Rebreather Certification

by Kevin Conroy (age 15):

Kevin with Peter Friedman: Stuart Scuba

“TDI is very proud of Kevin Conroy for completing the TDI Explorer Sport Rebreather certification with Stuart Scuba. Kevin represents a growing trend of interest we are seeing in the technical diving community.” – President, Brian Carney

Being new to the tech diving world, the thought of diving a rebreather seemed very challenging. After diving open circuit for almost 4 years I did not have any idea what to expect. From all the standpoints I had heard, rebreather diving seemed very complex and hard to do, but TDI and Hollis made it a very simple process for me.

The Explorer is a pretty simple machine and in my opinion, the electronics are easier than most open circuit sport diving computers.

The Explorer breathes almost as easy as a conventional open circuit regulator. Another one of the highlights of the Explorer is, it’s great for photographers, and anyone who likes to get close to the critters. Since there are few bubbles exhausted during the dive, it doesn’t scare away the marine life, and makes it very pleasant for reefs full of aquatic life.

As far as training goes, there really isn’t THAT much more to learn than open circuit, and if you have an instructor that is as good as Peter Friedman, then training should be a breeze.

Kevin with Peter Friedman: Stuart Scuba

TDI Instructor, Peter Friedman with Kevin Conroy

The Explorer is very simple, and is a perfect stepping stone for anyone who wants to get started in the tech diving world. I would recommend at least trying the system to everyone, as long as you can follow the rules and pay attention to your electronics.

I really hope to further continue my rebreather experience. One day I would like to transition to diving the Hollis Prism2, a Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR), but I cannot stress enough the importance of proper pre-dive procedures and good judgment when diving any rebreather.