Cardio Fitness and Diving

Did you know, your fitness level can affect your susceptibility to decompression sickness and other diving-related injuries? A good level of fitness can help you reduce gas consumption and increase your overall enjoyment. There are two types of cardo that can help you improve your diving, Kristen Fassolas, The Scuba Fitness Coach explains both.

Improving Your Dive Performance and Comfort Isn’t a Massive Stretch

Do you find yourself feeling stiff from time to time? Do you struggle to get your gear on? Your muscles might be begging you for a little TCL. Try these six stretches to improve your flexibility and your diving!

Five Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle to Become a Safer, More Fit Diver

While we’re all striving to be in better health, divers especially should strive for this. Diving might seem like a relatively effortless sport while beneath the surface but the truth is if conditions change or there is an emergency situation. Being in good physical health will help keep you safe should things change or go badly.