There is More to Scuba Than Just Diving

There’s something really special about the scuba diving community. We feel pretty strongly that you could ask almost any diver out there about how the scuba community has impacted them and you’d likely hear some type of heart warming story. It’s truly an incredible thing to watch as a training agency. Learn more about how the scuba diving community grows and leans on each other.

Don’t Just Go Through the Motions

What type of diver are you? We’ll walk you through five things you can do to be a better diver the next time you find yourself underwater. We’re also challenging you to continue learning and growing as a diver to not only minimize risk but to also be a better dive buddy.

Train the Right Way

When a call comes in, is your team ready? And by that, we mean EVERY team member. If you’ve taken a class many years ago and not practiced the skill since the short answer is no.