The Art of Slowing Down

Maybe it’s excitement, maybe it’s a lack of experience, maybe it’s nervousness. You likely started this sport to relax or see the underwater world, but you won’t be able to benefit from either if you don’t take the time to slow down. Slow down, relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Six Ways to Make a Difference While Diving

As a diver, you probably do things like recycle and limit your use of single-use plastics. You may even try to sustainably source your food too. This is all wonderful and these are great ways to help the environment while on land, but did you realize you can make a difference while diving, too?

Dive Travel on a Dime

Are you filled with wanderlust and the need to dive? The thing is, you also have a budget to stick to, because, life. Learn more about how to plan your dive travel on the cheap while still getting the most out of your experiences.