Diving on Drugs

The topic for this article is diving and drugs.  This covers the spectrum from illicit street drugs to medications prescribed by a physician and taken on a daily basis.  Some medications have absolutely no impact on your diving and safety, while others should be considered absolutely contraindicated to use while diving.

EarShield Changes the Face of Water Based Activities


EarShield Changes the Face of Water Based Activities

by Sue Endicott, MSN, RN:

According to the Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association (DEMA) there are between 2.7 to 3.5 million active scuba divers in the US with as many as 6 million active scuba divers worldwide, and about 11 million snorkelers in the US and 20 million snorkelers worldwide.  Add to that the estimated 30 million surfers worldwide and you have a significant amount of the population engaging in water based activities.  These numbers don’t even take into account those who swim either recreationally or competitively, play water polo or engage in the numerous other water based sports.

Common issue
Ask anyone who regularly participates in these types of activities what one of their number one problems is, and you will inevitably hear water entering their ears and becoming trapped.  This problem is not limited to adults but can affect children as well.

Relief is on the way.  EarShield is an all-natural personal skin care cosmetic spray for conditioning and cleansing of the ears prior to water based activities. Delivering a fine metered spray of a unique blend of water repellent Olive, Mineral & Tea Tree Oil into the outer ear, EarShield finely coats the auditory canal, giving a conditioning water repellent and cleansing action.

Each spray contains approximately 0.05ml of oil solution and should be sprayed into the ears prior to entering the water.  Due to the water repellent activity of EarShield, the likelihood of water entering the ear and becoming trapped is greatly diminished.  EarShield is completely safe for children ages 2 and up who are particularly prone to problems with water entering their inner ears and there are no adverse side effects as the solution dissipates naturally.  EarShield should not be used on anyone with tubes in their ears or anyone who has a perforated ear drum.

The product is packaged into a unique injection molded carrying case with a resealable lid.  This allows the product to be carried in dive bags, swim bags, pool or beach bags without a chance of the product being accidentally dispensed. The case is also water resistant and designed to float if dropped into the water.

EarShield is trusted by professionals and is the official ear care product of the United States Water Polo Team to keep their players healthy and ready to play.  Trust the pros and use EarShield prior to your favorite water based activity.  Your ears will thank you.

Learn more and order HERE.

Sue Endicott, MSN, RN
Director of Education
Dive 1st Aid

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