6 Books That Shaped Technical Diving

Looking for your next weekend read? Look no further than these five tech diving books. These are just a start of a great list of books about tech diving. Recalling stories of great tech diving pioneers and record setters.

Don't Drink and Dive

Have you committed this diving no-no in the past? Or have you considered it while on a dive vacation? Learn more about why you should never drink and dive, and the risks you may be taking when doing so.

The Key to Proper Hydration in Technical Diving

Do you worry about proper hydration before, after and even during your dives? Do you find yourself completely exhausted after a dive? This could be because you’re not hydrating properly. Learn more about what dehydrates you and how to fix it before, during and after diving to ensure that you are always properly hydrated.

Mental Trauma and the Benefits of Diving

You may have heard about a diver who got into a horrible accident earlier this year, her life was completely changed because of it. What you might not have realized though is that mental health might have been one of her major driving factors of why she even started diving in the first place. Diving might not be your first thought when someone mentions mental health but the truth is, it can be very healing.

A Day in the life of...An Underwater Archaeologist

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an underwater archaeologist? We were blown away by the amount of work that goes into one excavation trip. Learn more about all that goes into a trip to the Antikythera Wreck.

Overhead environments – Cave vs. Advanced Wreck

While it might seem obvious, do you know the differences and similarities of cave diving and advanced wreck diving? To call them the same but different would be an understatement. Both very worth the training to experience their unique wonders.

Crafting a Line Marker Holder

Do you have trouble finding or even making that perfect cave marker holder? We’re sharing the step-by-step instructions on three different ways to craft a line marker holder. So pull together your supplies and you’ll be on your way to a new line marker holder that suits your needs.

Incident Report: CO2 Hit in a Cave

Do you always plan for the worst and hope for the best? In tech diving, we talk extensively about dive planning and redundancy, but do you truly live by it? What happens when you’re in a cave and something goes wrong? Read along with this incident report to see how one guide handled a CO2 hit in a cave.
rain waves

Why Do Divers Keep Breaking the "Rules" ?

Do you consider all factors when you see a story or report about someone “breaking the rules?” Do you think about the rule itself? The individual who broke that “rule” and their reasoning for their actions? And finally do you think about the situational factor of what may have been happening at the time? Gareth Lock will give you an in-depth look at these three things to break down why divers break the rules from time to time.

Transitioning to Tech

If technical diving has always sounded cool and now you’re ready to make the transition, learn more about what to expect from a student’s perspective and from the instructor’s perspective. It’s certainly not as easy as taking a course to become a tech diver, it’s a process that takes time and a lot of problem solving skills.

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Into the Abyss

Caves are mysterious and wondrous places, they take tens of thousands of years to form and only divers with proper training should enter due to their risky nature. Follow along as Jeff Bozanic recalls his thoughts through cave diving.